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SARAB by the Palestinian Circus School

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We were forced,

We had no other option.

Dragged to an uncertain end,

On a road full of obstacles and checkpoints

that we could barely pass.

Our destiny unknown.

During the long and rough journey,

We kept dreaming of the moment we

would arrive,

Continuing our path towards the



We arrive.

Have we reached our goal?

After floating earth and oceans,

We discover the unexpected.

It really was nothing, but a mirage.

SARAB shares with us the plight of refugees worldwide. The seven Palestinian performers use Circus-theatre, to reflect on their own history, and the repetition of it today for millions of people.

The Palestinian Circus School was set up 12 years ago to bring circus to young people in Palestine. The circus builds powerful creative identities through value based education. It offers young people the voice to speak out about their daily life, their struggle for freedom and their immense desire to live a dignified live.

Directed by Paul Evans

Performed by: Ahmed Abu Taleb, Mohammed Abu Taleb, Nour Abu Alrub, Hazar Azzeh, Marah Ashmar, Alaa Abu Alrub, Isam Abu Sneineh

Technician: Alaa Jayousi

Promotional Grahics: Hafez Omar

Photography: Rami Qubaj

Special Thanks: Hamdallah Tuqan and Motasem Ghaith

Once purchased you will be redirected to a Vimeo site. Enter the password Sarab2018 to access the hour long show. 

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SARAB by the Palestinian Circus School

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